🙋🏻‍♀️ Hi there, I'm Caroline!

I'm a Toronto-based UX designer who enjoys navigating through challenges by strategic problem-solving. Having a background in both fine arts and design, I value critical thinking and am versatile in numerous digital and traditional disciplines. As a result, I focus on using research and visual communication to confidently translate ideas and concepts into successful solutions.

🧠 How did I get into User Experience design?

I was softly introduced to User Experience Design through the creation of installation artworks during art school. The process of creating these installations allowed me to understand how to successfully transform ordinary spaces into interactive environments that people would enjoy. This experience has impacted my career as a designer as it taught me how to build intuitive but effective human-centred designs that resonate with an audience.

✨ When I'm not designing, you can find me...

🥘 Cooking

My best recipes are Bossam (Korean-Style Boiled Pork Belly), Lasagna and Apple Butter.

🎮 Gaming

I'm a loyal PlayStation® fan who enjoys playing the Final Fantasy franchise, the Resident Evil series and Minecraft.

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